About Maryland Craft Beer

Why Maryland Craft Beer got started

The origin story

MD Craft Beer began out of a desire to sample the wide variety of craft beer produced in this state. It all started as a custom Google map and spreadsheet back in 2012 to keep track of where the breweries were and which ones had been visited.
Over time, more and more people wanted access to the information, and the need for a better solution became apparent.


Cheers! I'm Kendrick.

....and I love craft beer.

I started enjoying beer while living in Berlin, Germany. After two years of drinking bubbly Pilsener and frothy Hefeweizen, I moved to Escondido in 2012, a mere 10 minutes from the legendary Stone Brewing. While sitting in a bar with some new friends on a warm fall evening, one of them pressed a pint of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale into my hand. I will never forget how much I hated the bitterness as it completely destroyed my palate. I have since repented of my sins.

Two years later, I returned to the land of the crab, from which I hail, and I missed the craft beer scene I had in SoCal. Where was my Stone? There must be someone like Lost Abbey out here? I had no friends with knowledge of the local scene, so I had to build my own. Armed with trusty Google and its map service, I created the first comprehensive map of breweries in the state.